2020-21 Season in Hindsight

By Tess Johnson

Even five weeks after the season concluded for me in Shymbulak, Almaty, Kazakhstan, I’m in awe of this year’s journey. Most of you probably agree that it was nothing short of bizarre, and I find myself still processing while already facing new challenges. I’ve learned a great deal this year about my sport, conquering adversity, myself, how viruses spread, and so much more. My 2020 New Year’s Resolution was to journal more, and part of me thinks it was fate that I set that goal, because I’ve easily completed three journals since then, each one overflowing with endless thoughts, events, and emotions. The majority of that material won’t see the light of your screens, but simply putting pen to paper as often as possible helped me persevere, specifically through the obstacles I faced during this past ski season...

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