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When we started, our goal was not just to develop the perfect snow helmets, it was also to support our community and athletes from all walks of life in any way we could. Our business is our passion and if we can use it to make the world a better place, we’re all for it.

We’re proud to partner with these organizations to help out those in need, raise awareness about important issues and strengthen communities both at home and abroad.


High Fives Foundation

The High Fives Foundation is dedicated to injury prevention awareness and providing resources and inspiration to athletes with life-altering injuries. Athlete safety is something we’re passionate about too, so we’re proud to partner with this non-profit organization through their Five for Fives program. Through this program, we donate $0.05 from every preseason sale in order to provide helmets to underprivileged kids and High Five athletes. 

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Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports

Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports is a non-profit organization that uses sports and recreation to empower kids and adults with disabilities, regardless of their financial situation. Their clients use sports to gain physical, mental and social experiences that promote self confidence and independence. Vermont Adaptive provides equipment and access to instruction to their clients, and we are proud to donate our helmets so they can continue to support their community in an amazing way.