One Place, One Helmet, Endless Ways To Explore

Northern BC sounds like a cohesive environment until you look at satellite imagery on google earth. The word “vast” was created in an attempt to encompass the landscape of this region. Unifying the enormous area is the feeling of being remote in an untapped playground. The old rough and rocky ridge lines of the Northern Rockies fade into borrel forests in the northernmost regions, while in others they transition into wide plateaus before the ground reaches for the sky. Where the peaks eventually turn glaciated, then coastal as they abruptly fall towards the rainforested pacific shoreline.

With a few trips to Northern BC in the bank (none of which have ever felt the same), I had an idea of what I wanted to get up to this particular year. I pieced together a winter of sampling it all. Our hit list went a little something like this. 

  • Helicopter assisted skiing 
  • Cat skiing
  • Ski tour five separate mountain ranges
  • Ski three ski resorts
  • Sled skiing on the Alaskan border 
  • Sled-accessed ski touring

*It's worth noting that while we bring our helmets when snowmobiling, we wear DOT-certified full-face sled helmets. 

With a truck packed to the brim, we tackled our objects one at a time heading from the east to the west across the mid of Northern BC. Core memories include…

With so much on the go, it’s nice to feel protected in my Fury X Pret Helmet through it all. I forget that I’m wearing it no matter the activity because it’s effortlessly light and comfortable. Beyond that, the combination of MIPS and Haleo makes me feel like I’ve chosen the safest ski helmet in the game. Something I consider on big trips like this is just how remote we are. Cell phone coverage is minimal and help if needed when in the backcountry could be hours or days away if something happened. I like to stack all things in my favor that I can control and without a doubt that includes proper head protection. 

Thanks for coming along for another bumpy, wild, and powder-filled time Pret!