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If you have questions about your helmet, email us at

Where can I find Pret Helmets?

Please visit our dealer locator for more information.

What size helmet am I?

Helmet sizes are based on the circumference of your head in centimeters. To determine the correct size, wrap a measuring tape around your head. Once you’ve determined the measurement, you can use the info below as a guide: 

Sizes (Based on Head Circumference in Centimeters): 

 - XS 47-51

 - S 51-55

 - M 55-59

 - L 59-62

 - XL 62-65

Kids' Sizes (Based on Head Circumference in Centimeters):

 - XS/S 50-54

 - S/M 54-58

Where can I get replacement parts for my helmets?

Check with your local retailer, or email for all replacement part inquiries.

How should I store my helmet?

Store helmet in provided helmet bag in a cool, dry place. Do not expose do direct sunlight, extreme heat, heating vents or  fire. Extreme heat will damage your helmet.

How do I clean my helmet?

Clean with mild soap and water only. Use of solvents, ammonia based cleaning products, or other chemicals WILL compromise the protective qualities of your helmet. Use of such cleaning products will void your helmet’s warranty.

What is Pret's return policy?

Pret. Inc. Return Policy

If you’ve decided the Pret Helmet that you ordered through isn’t right for you, you may return it to us in new, unused condition within 30 days of receipt.

Please ensure your helmet and its packaging do not sustain damage during your care, to ensure anything you return is done so in perfect condition. Pret will accept helmet returns for return under its sole discretion, any signs of use or neglect will void your return request.

Approved returns must be labeled with a Return Authorization number, and are processed upon receipt. You can expect a full refund within 7 to 14 days of our receiving your return.  Please email for more information on our return Policy, or to obtain a Return Authorization number.

Does Pret have a crash replacement policy?

If your helmet has been involved in an accident, you may be eligible for a discount on a replacement.

Please email us at with the following:

 - Pictures of the damaged helmet

  - Include an image of the manufacture date (on sticker beneath liner)

- Helmet model, size and color 

- A copy of the original proof of purchase

- Your name and phone number

How often should I replace my helmet?

A helmet has a limited life span and should be replaced every 3-5 years.

The main protective layer of your helmet is formed using Expanded Poly-styrene (EPS). EPS is sensitive to temperature variance. Your helmet lives and active lifestyle and is exposed to the elements on a regular basis. As such, it is recommended your helmet is replaced every three to five years to eliminate the effect of EPS biodegradation on performance.

What do I do if my helmet has been damaged?

If your helmet has been visibly dented or damaged, do not use it.  Some or all of the protective capacity of the helmet is used when impacted. Even if there is no visible damage to the shell, the inner EPS layer is likely no longer effective. EPS is designed to compress and crack under stress so your head does not.