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From Slopes to Safety: Top Picks for Women's Ski Helmets

As winter sports enthusiasts eagerly hit the slopes, safety remains paramount for every skier—especially for women bending their skis on the glistening trails. Our selection of women's ski helmets combines state-of-the-art protection with comfort and versatility, making your snowy escapades both safe and enjoyable. From the user-friendly Vision X, to the Haven X's snug warmth tailored for female adventurers, and the light yet robust Corona X suitable for an active day of resort skiing, these top picks ensure performance meets safety, regardless of weather twists and downhill thrills.

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Explore the Unrivaled Features of the Corona X Ski Helmet

Conquering The Slopes With Confidence

When it comes to selecting the perfect ski helmet for resort skiing, safety, comfort, and adaptability are paramount. The Pret Corona X women’s helmet emerges as an exemplary model, boasting features that cater to these critical aspects. The integration of Pret's exclusive HALEO antimicrobial EPS foam is a game-changer, offering both hygiene and freshness by preventing bacterial growth - an innovation that addresses the concerns of frequent helmet users. Moreover, the Corona X’s design excels in flexibility and comfort. Its Level 4 venting system makes it an all-rounder, providing ample ventilation across diverse weather conditions.

Not only does the Corona X maintain a breathable environment, but it also exemplifies durability and protection. The ACT design deploying Polycarbonate plates and overlaps results in a helmet that is both lightweight and exceptionally strong. Furthermore, MIPS technology is incorporated for additional protection against the rotational forces during an impact. The Corona X delivers superior fit and convenience, fitted with a quick-release RCS fit system and a magnetic Fidlock buckle. It’s all tied together with the IONIC+ fabric, which offers antimicrobial properties and comfort, accentuating the Corona X as the quintessential choice for the discerning skier.

The Corona X comes in multiple variants to suit personal preferences, including different sizes and colors such as Platinum, Chalk, and Black. With its meticulous craftsmanship tuned for women, this helmet is not just a piece of equipment; it’s a staunch ally designed to bring peace of mind to those who dare to challenge the mountains. Tailored for versatility and uncompromising safety, the Corona X stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of women’s ski helmets.

HALEO antimicrobial EPS

Level 4 venting system

ACT design strength

MIPS integrated

As a ski guide, the Corona X is my top recommendation for my female clients. It perfectly combines advanced safety features with exceptional comfort. The Level 4 venting keeps me cool and comfortable no matter the weather

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Carly F.

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Corona X

Pret's Pinnacle of Women's Ski Helmet Technology

Embrace the Mountain with the Vision X

When you're carving down the slopes, the last thing you want to worry about is your safety gear. That's where Pret's Vision X helmet comes into play, ensuring peace of mind with elite performance and protection. Its innovative design is catered specifically to the dynamic needs of women skiers who prioritize both safety and style. The Vision X stands out with Pret's HALEO antimicrobial EPS foam, which not only provides exceptional impact absorption but also halts bacterial growth, maintaining the freshness of your helmet throughout the season.

Adjusting to the fickle moods of mountain weather, the Vision X features Pret's sophisticated Level C ventilation system. Imagine being able to regulate airflow with a simple lever, seamlessly transitioning from the frosty peak to the warming midday sun without skipping a beat. The proprietary RCS fit system, a marvel of engineering, ensures your helmet fits snugly yet comfortably, while the Fidlock magnetic buckle allows for lightning-fast securing and removal – a convenience not to be underestimated on those frigid days when dexterity is compromised.

Moreover, the MIPS technology incorporated into the helmet's design is your silent guardian against the rotational forces during an angled impact. As an expression of individuality, the range of colors and sizes available ensures every skier can find their perfect match. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned instructor, the Vision X is your reliable companion on the slopes, marrying safety with an aesthetic appeal that won't go unnoticed.

HALEO antimicrobial foam

Level C adaptive ventilation

MIPS safety technology

IONIC+ fabric comfort

As a competitive skier, the Vision X by Pret is my top choice, offering outstanding protection with its MIPS technology and HALEO foam. The customizable ventilation system allows me to adjust airflow on the fly, essential for maintaining comfort through varying mountain temperatures.

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Anna S.

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Vision X

Comfort, Style, and Advanced Technology

Master the Mountains with Haven X

When it comes to resort skiing, the Haven X ski helmet from Pret stands out as a fortress of safety and comfort. Designed specifically for women who carve the slopes with confidence, the Haven X blends high-performance features with an alluring low profile that does not compromise on protection. Featuring Pret's exclusive HALEO antimicrobial EPS foam, the helmet remains fresh and odor-free, no matter how intensely you ski. The integration of ACT multi-shell In Mold construction with Polycarbonate shells brings forth a lightweight, yet robust build, reducing the fatigue that comes from a full day on the mountain.

With a fully adjustable Level 3 indirect venting system, the Haven X ensures you stay comfortably warm when the temperature drops and cool when the sun graces the peaks. If safety is your priority, the helmet's MIPS® technology offers enhanced protection against the rotational forces that occur during an angled impact. For a snug and precise fit, the RCS micro-adjustable fit system does wonders, literally dialing in to your comfort zone. Are you an audiophile? The Haven X has got you covered with its audio-ready detachable Covert Ear Covers, catering to those who can't hit the slopes without their favorite tunes.

What distinguishes Haven X from others in its lineage, like the Vision X, is its warmth without compromising ventilation—a feature that's crucial for a full day of resort skiing. While bearing similarities with the men's Refuge X helmet, it stands unique with its cozy fleece liner, offering extra warmth and comfort. Furthermore, the distinct size variances ensure that whether your preference is Platinum, Chalk, or classic Black, you’ll find the fit that complements your ski attire perfectly.

HALEO antimicrobial foam

Lightweight In Mold construction

Adjustable Level 3 venting

MIPS® technology integrated

As a ski coach, I find the Haven X indispensable for my daily runs. Its blend of safety features like MIPS and the cozy comfort from the fleece liner ensures I can focus fully on coaching without distraction.

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Alexandra F.

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Haven X